Tattoos Jewelry The Hot New Fashion Trend

The new Metallic jewelry tattoos are the new phenomenon in Hollywood. You can flaunt these beautiful tattoos all over your body to replace your traditional gold or silver jewelry. Flash tattoos as some may call them are inspired by the trendiest modern designers of our time, so I bet you will look fabulous and…

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What is Grape Seed Extracts and Its Great Health Benefits?

Grape seed extracts are seeds that derives from grapes that have concentration of vitamin E, acid, flavonoids  linoleic and phenolic. Grapes have been used in Europe by the ancient Greeks for thousands of years, for a number of diseases. But Grape seed and grape seed extracts are new to the United States. Science has shown that eating grape seeds on a regular basis may improve cardiovascular health,…

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Brainy’s blog post was featured
As the holidays quickly approaches families around the world line their tables with sweet tasty pies. Two of the most common pies that you will find around this time are Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Potato Pie. Many people confuse these tasty pastries  bec…
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